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Direct foreign investment is a global process, which encompasses the world economy. However, the process of investment must take into account specific objectives and circumstances. Within this context, C.I.C. has developed a methodology and range of activities that can assist in putting together foreign investors and domestic partners in order to realize joint investments in Croatia.

To facilitate the initiation of the cooperation between domestic partners and potential foreign investors, C.I.C. has Investment Projects to be offered to foreign investment funds and investors. As part of the above mentioned project, C.I.C. has started creating its own data base containing the projects of entrepreneurs in Croatia that have expressed a desire to make contact with potential partner investors.

This complex job has been initiated by C.I.C., utilizing an already developed system that uses the most contemporary internationally accepted methodology and which corresponds to that which the EBRD uses for the processing of investment projects.

CIC offers investors the opportunity to gain exposure to a wide range of Croatia private companies, investing on an individual transaction basis as an Investor Partner.

CIC is your reliable Partner for Investments and Acquisitions in Croatia.

Where is Croatia?


Croatia is a Mediterranean country in the heart of Europe. We are the 28th EU member state with impressive history and promising future.
Discover our natural beauties, gastronomy and rich cultural heritage. Explore new business opportunities! Enjoy the great lifestyle!

Why Croatia?


Excellent Geo-Strategic Position

Three major Pan-European corridors pass through Croatia and make it your shortest route between Western Europe and Asia, Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean.

Located in Southeast Europe, bordered by Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro,Croatia is perfectly positioned for reaching the EU market as well as the markets of Southeast Europe.

The proximity of other EU capitals in the vicinity (Budapest, Vienna, Ljubljana) makes it easy for you to access large European markets and reach new customers.

V (Venice - Trieste/Koper – Ljubljana - Budapest - Lvov-Kiev)

Branch B

Rijeka - Zagreb - Gorièan - Budapest

Branch C

Ploèe - Sarajevo - Osijek - Budapest

X (Salzburg - Ljubljana - Zagreb - Belgrade - Skopje - Thessaloniki)

Branch A

Graz - Maribor - Macelj - Zagreb

VII (The Danube river)

Modern Transport Infrastructure

Excellent road infrastructure with modern highways, fairly developed railroads, 6 seaports and 7 national airports offers great possibilities for multimodal transport of goods.

In recent years Croatia has invested heavily in developing the Pan-European transport network, primarily roads, motorways and ports.
Investments into transportation, telecommunications and energy infrastructure will continue in the future.

Combine different transport modalities and lower your transport costs!

Attractive investment incentives

The new Investment Promotion Act offers attractive incentives for investments starting from EUR 150,000 and creating a minimum of 5 new jobs, and for micro enterprises for investments starting from EUR 50,000 and creating a minimum of 3 new jobs.

Some of the incentives available are a profit tax deduction of up to 100% for investments above EUR 3 million, up to EUR 9,000 for each new job created and up to EUR 1 million for capital investments above EUR 5 million.

Newest EU Member

With its accession to the European Union on 1 July 2013, Croatia has been granted an opportunity to use considerable amounts of money from the EU Structural Funds. Starting from 2014 around EUR 1 billion per year have been made available. A large portion of these funds is attributed to promotion of small and medium entrepreneurship. Companies established in Croatia by foreign investors are able to compete for the EU funds under equal conditions as domestic ones.

Besides access to the EU funds, Croatia as a new EU member state is the ideal country to access the large European market with over 500 million potential customers.

With lower operating costs compared to the majority of other EU member states and the excellent geo-strategic position Croatia is the perfect destination for your investment.

Skilled and competitive workers

Many foreign companies already operating in Croatia recognize Croatian workforce as highly skilled, experienced and multilingual.
According to a 2009 survey 78% of Croatians claim knowledge of at least one foreign language, most often English.

Croatia is among the countries with the highest rate of persons aged from 20 to 24 having completed at least upper secondary education (Eurostat).
The number of students graduated from institutions of higher education is recording a continuous increase over the past few years. All this and the presence of numerous education institutions ensure the availability of the skilled workforce and easy access to lifelong learning.

If you are interested in direct investing, Real Estate Acquisitions or if you have any questions about Investment Opportunities in Croatia, do not hesitate to contact us.

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